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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long Live Your Idols...

In light of what seems to be the longest battle with writer's block ever, I begin scrolling through Instagram and Twitter, as I often do in my idle time. Between the two social networks, I follow a collective of creatives I once felt connected to in the name of artistry. Lately though, I've been feeling like the outcast, sitting lonely in the corner of the lunchroom while the cool kids huddle in the center, laughing as if their lives were as carefree as they appeared. 

I want what they have.

Today though, I woke up inspired to create. Even amongst my First World Problem meltdown (of three different means of technology, I couldn't get one to show me the "Crooked Smile" video) I had the urge to write.Of the 807 people I am following via IG, there are a few I pull inspiration from. Today is the day they'll see the impact they have on my creative spirit.

Rivaflowz -- Having already dubbed her as my mentor, it is only right that I list this wordsmith first. I was reacquainted with Riv a little after Demetria Lucas reposted the book review done on A Belle in Brooklyn. At the time, I was almost swearing by everything Demetria posted, as a loyal fan should, so I clicked the link. Automatically, I fell in love with the tone of it all. The way Riv effortlessly strung words together; I felt like I had never read the book before (at the time, I'm sure I was on read number three). Immediately, I followed her on every medium I could, discovered her blog and spent countless hours raking through her archives. Her words literally make me want to discard everything I've ever written and just start over.

WrittenbyBene -- This young writer is another I came across while devoting all of my waking time to Ms. Lucas' tweets. Bene Viera is an inspiration simply because she is where I want to be right now. Only a couple years older than me, she shares the same story as all of my favorite writers: moving to New York with virtually no money with big dreams to land a permanent position in the folds of their favorite glossy. I admire her Give No F*cks attitude because she's going to say/write whatever she feels whenever it comes to mind. Plus, I can always count on her bio to have a dope quote or two.

Alex_Elle -- I love this DMV native's creative spirit as a whole. How I actually came across her page, I cannot remember but I have always been an admirer of her jewelry line, shopALS. Over the years, I've watched her on her journey to a better, healthier, more enlightened self as she shared bits and pieces of her life through her Instagram posts. She seems like the kind of person I would have in my circle.

abelleinbrooklyn -- If you've read any post prior to this or just know me in general, you understand the love I have for this woman in a teacher/student, e-mentor/e-mentee kind of way. Demetria Lucas is what I see, right now, as the culmination of the life I want to live as a writer. As the former Relationships Editor of Essence magazine, she has created a brand and relentlessly built on it. When I got the opportunity to meet her last year, I was in awe the entire time. I even remember the slightly awkward moment we shared before we decided who would kiss which cheek before my coveted picture. Since then, I've continued to read anything her name is attached to just because there is always a teaching moment with her, whether it be something regarding the industry or a lesson in life or love.

All four of these women inspire me in different ways and I'm glad that I was able to connect with them in one form or another. I would love the opportunity to meet and sit with each of them to pick their brains but until then, I'll continue to follow via IG or Twitter and connect through the interwebs.

Thank you ladies for constantly awakening the muse in me even if I don't always act on it. I admire every post, picture and piece of prose because it helps remind me that I, too, have a story to tell.