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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Leave it all Behind

A few weeks ago, on the drive home from work, a question was posed on the radio to the listening audience:
Would you trade the person you love for complete freedom? You would have no worries. You're free to travel wherever you want in the world as many times as you'd like. Money would be no object, work would be no more, etc. The only catch is that you can't fall in love.
As I cruised down Lake Shore Drive, I pondered the possibilities. Knowing me and my emotional self, I wondered if I could handle a life with no real intimacy. Of course, all my other needs would be met. My '94 Nissan Altima, which I'm extremely thankful for, would be replaced with a sleek brand new something. I would have all the material things I could ever dream of having. Even my cliched Brooklyn brownstone (word to Sidney Shaw) would be a reality.

When I asked the question to the group of friends I met up with, a few shouted an eager, "Hell yea!" My attempt at starting some kind of friendly debate failed because no one could give me a real reason as to why they'd choose freedom over love. Not to say there is a right or wrong answer--I just wanted to hear the different views.

Has the beauty of love lost it's luster? Do we really live in a world where people are willing to go through life without it in lieu of financial security?

I wanted to go home and write about this immediately but I decided against it, opting to give the question more thought. I wanted to be sure that I was considering all of the possibilities that could come out of me trading in a life of love for material possessions.

If you know me, you know I'm a lover. My best friend thinks I'm an asshole (lol) but, deep down, she knows I'm soft as hell. To imagine a life without love and still manage being happy is almost impossible for me to do. As much as I would love to travel the world over and over again, I would much rather experience the emotions felt when learning to grow with another person.

What about you? Would you trade love for everything?