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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Dating Game

 How much is too much information to divulge on the first date?

Just recently, I finished B-Sides & Remixes by Ran Walker. In the book we learn through the main character some of the intricacies of dating. The author uses both the A and B side of a record as a metaphor to show that when getting to know someone there is a strong possibility that we're only getting the A-side; the side that's okay to put out to the public rather than the stuff that may be frowned upon.

Dating is all about getting to know someone on a friendly level in hopes of things progressing into something greater. During this time, people learn details about the other and ultimately decide if the nuances are something that can be worked with. The idea seems simple in theory but we are all works in progress so naturally, most if us hold back in the dating phase for fear of scaring the other person away which can sometimes backfire on us. I'm guilty myself.

This past weekend I had my first interracial experience. Surprisingly, when he asked me out I didn't hesitate in telling him yes. Of course the potential shade I would receive from unknowing strangers in the street crossed my mind but that didn't stop me from trying something new (word to Sanaa Lathan & Simon Baker up top). I was actually anticipating the glares. It was hilarious to see how people responded seeing us walking aimlessly downtown.

We settled on lunch at Navy Pier. The speed boats on the lake proved to be the perfect back drop for a beautiful day in Chicago. We sat and watched other couples and families enjoying the weather while we simultaneously learned about the other. Things got real when he asked me about my 5-year plan and where I see myself within that time. After he learned that children were not in my immediate future (or marriage for that matter) I asked how many children he'd like to have.

…wait for it

I noticed the hesitancy in his voice when he answered.

"Uhh…it doesn't really matter to me…*long pause/me waiting for the rest of the half assed answer* I already have three children with my ex-wife…"

O_o <---my face as I fall a step behind him in stride as I reply in a high pitched voice, "Oh. Okay."

He proceeds to tell me the story of how they met and why they divorced. I take this opportunity to get as much info as I can, now that the metaphorical record has been flipped over. I learn that he's a 28-year old war vet (enlisted for six years; three tours to Iraq), has suffered a considerable amount of injuries that are unknown to the naked eye and was diagnosed with PTSD.

Now, if you know me at all, you know I stan for Shonda Rhimes and her genius of a show, Grey's Anatomy. On it, two surgeons fall for each other one of which is a former army man who suffers from the same disease. Once my date told me of his diagnosis, the only thing I could see in my mind (aside from the big red flag waving ferociously) was the image of Christina waking up to Owen's hands wrapped around her throat as a result of the disorder. Take a look at the 2-minute and tell me you wouldn't freak out too!

I will admit that the thought of him having a 'moment' freaked me out a little. Ok. A lot and yes, I may be jumping the gun a bit, imagining us in the same situation as Christina and Owen but whose to say something like that couldn't happen to me? I mean, the man is obviously skilled in ways a normal civilian like myself is not. He is equipped with a special set of skills that I have no way of defending myself from.

Overall, he was a gentlemen and I did enjoy myself but I would be lying if I didn't say the PTSD didn't change things for me. The fact that I know he's looking for another wife and someone to build a life with scares me to the point that I probably won't be seeing him in that capacity anymore. I'm still young and not looking for the same things he is at this time.

Does that make me shallow?

What do you think? Is there a such thing as telling too much on a first date? If you were in my shoes, what would you do about the war vet? Although my mind is virtually made up I'd love to read your opinions/insight.

Talk to me!

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  1. I wish I would have read this earlier so my opinion would be taken into account haha! I wouldn't say that a person can disclose too much information, but I would say that information would alter my perception of the person. Isn't it important to know the "B" side of a person? I believe it teaches you if going down the path with someone is the right move... Or not! I wouldn't say put all your chips on the table, but some info, I believe, is vital to share! Right away!