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Friday, March 22, 2013

Delusions of Grandeur

Starting out, things are beautiful. Butterflies flutter aimlessly about your mid-section as you fight hard to contain the wide smile struggling to get out. The impossible is easy to you; no task too great to accomplish.

...and you do it all because you're in love...

Things of importance become an afterthought with no regard. Pressing tasks are forever put on hold. It can wait.

...love can't...

Any spare time you have is now reserved for the eye of your affections. Phone calls and text messages go unanswered. Your presence from the microcosm that is social media vanishes instantly. The outside world no longer exists to you.

...and it's because of love...

Soon, the newness will fade and reality will begin to make itself visible. Now that the rose colored glasses have been lowered from your lovestruck face, you're forced to see the real. Only now do you realize things aren't what they seem.

Still, you continue giving your all, figuring things will come together. Hell, you're in love. That shit is supposed to surpass all, right? I mean, who wouldn't want to be loved by you? What you give is an all-encompassing kind of love that is a joy to share. To see the look on their face after your many random acts of kindness brings a smile to your face every time. 

It almost makes you forget their imperfections.

Even with the obvious staring you right back in the face, you ignore it.  You make yourself believe in the fantasy you've created. You have to. The romantic inside won't let you do otherwise. Instead, you proceed accordingly, reminding yourself of the world you live in when reality rears it's ugly head. You enjoy it while you can and fall back when you can't.

You wish you could have your way but the truth of the matter is no matter how hard you love, how open and unconditional it is, it will never change the circumstance.

In this particular case, your love does not surpass all...

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