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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garbage In, Garbage Out

My mother always told me whatever you feed your mind, be it good or bad, it will eventually come out.  As I got older, I saw the truth in her wisdom.  Prior to, I just thought she was trying to turn me off one of my favorite rappers, Common.  For days on end, I would blast his instant classic album, BE, deciphering lyrics, metaphors, & similes.  I would recite the lyrics proudly as if I had wrote them myself.  I could tell you what each song meant down to the T but I didn't realize that with some songs, I was filling my young, impressionable mind with images I wasn't quite ready for (i.e. one of his top singles, "GO!").

When people think of Common, in all his sexy splendor, they praise him for his positive messages as he penned songs encouraging people of color.  He's never been labeled (to my knowledge) as misogynistic or even negative and everyone around me was hip to this.  Everyone but my mom.  She still found fault, starting with the single mentioned above.  The lyrics celebrate sexuality, glorifying the freedom of expression and she deemed the whole album inappropriate.  Even went as far as to confiscate it.  The NERVE!

Needless to say, I got the album back and jammed on but I now understand what she was trying to do.

Fast forward six years and there's talk of the Illuminati and everyone involved.  I consider myself to be a pretty avid music listener with a growing collection, spreading from one genre to the next.  If seen out, you can bet I have my iPod on me; about 90% of the time, it's playing in my ears so there's hardly ever a moment where I'm not vibing.

When I was first introduced to the whole idea of the Illuminati, I was sitting in the congregation of my then church, staring in disbelief at the pulpit.  There was a guest speaker schooling us teens on Jay-Z's involvement with this "secret society".  I remember him playing Hov's "Lucifer" backwards (a method called 'backwards masking') where the whole congregation heard Jay's voice saying, plain as day, "Murder murder Jesus 666".  I was done at that point.  Didn't go as far as to erase him off the pod but I shuffled right past his songs when they came up.

Now, when I hear people talk about it (the organization) in amazement, I tend to distance myself simply because, it's one of those conversations where everyone has deemed themselves an expert on the topic, spewing "facts" that they've heard from someone else.  It really makes my head hurt.  This guy at work is actually the only other person I listened to outside of that guest speaker that day.  And surprisingly, he kind of made a little sense of it, although I'm still a little skeptical.

Basically, he stressed how money is the root of all evil and signs of that are evident, especially in this corrupt society we live in.  He said that what these people who are alleged to be apart of this organization do is sell their souls to the devil to reach a level of star power pretty much unattainable to the regular people.  As a result, in the case of singers/entertainers, they shoot to the top of everyone's chart and they're seen and/or heard just about everywhere.  He also stated how this is not just limited to entertainers but doctors and lawyers as well.  Virtually anyone seeking wealth.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that it all boils down to subliminal messages and what you allow into your psyche.  Mom always told me to guard my mind and my heart and in order to do that, I have to make sure my spiritual man is intact.  If the Jay-Z track is in fact real, that message is seeping it's way into our minds, planting negative seeds that we may not believe will come to fruition.  If you don't agree, just think back to something like sex and how it's pretty much forced upon us daily.  Before you even knew what it was for real (or the people it was intended for), you were curious about it. Some even ventured out to explore.  The subliminal messages we were exposed to played a huge part in that.

I'm not here to tell you that the Illuminati is real nor am I judging the music you listen to but I am encouraging you to BE INFORMED to the best of your ability.

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