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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Have Intercourse...

Verbal intercourse illicit cerebral orgasms as I let your words travel the length of my body, making my back spasm
And right when I think I can't handle anymore
You say something else to make it so that I gotta have it
More of that sensual tone 
Sending sexy syllables to massage my eardrum
Eyes closed tight as your thoughts make love to my mind
Never been one to rush so I revel in you taking your time
Watching as your tongue moves methodically 
I have never witnessed anything done so erotic
Mental stimulation excites me
It's quite enticing to know we can go blow for blow without tiring
I'm a different kinda freak and my sleeping cycle ain't like other mammals
Which means that we can do this all night long...

***just a lil something I was playing around with...may finish later...

1 comment:

  1. I want to talk, communicate, connect, express,
    Myself to you and with you.
    I want to be by your side and eventually inside lol.
    I'm kidding,
    but good loving I can provide
    Along with the harmony of our spiritual powers.
    Now watch me bathe your lips with mine down down inside
    Navigating through the narrow walls
    My backed you clawed,
    Echoes bounced,
    The bed denounced its ability to hold us.
    Forever we lead into this level of ecstasy
    An incomprehensible sensation got your equilibrium fading
    At a heightened situation
    growing taller stronger longer and longer.
    Every fiber of your physical existence on theses inches.
    Explore the dept
    I hear your screams say go left
    The next leads with a F
    The effort was a A
    The first day you came was the day you never left.