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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Racism: Will It Ever Go Away?

As I sit here and enjoy my lazy morning/afternoon with coffee, news and jazz (Kenneth Whalum III's 'To Those Who Believe' album), I receive a text message with a link to a video.  As is true form of this friend of mine to send links to songs or videos, I opened it up, anticipating some new tunes I'd quickly convert to mp3 form but I was in for something much greater.

Apparently, five days ago, a Youtube video of two young girls (one of which who claims to be of Cuban and Irish American descent) went on a 14 minute rant about Black people and their disdain for them.  Six and a half minutes into this video, I was sitting here, mouth hanging open in disbelief (partly because of their use of the word 'nigger'...the other at their ignorance) *btw: I have never been one to get upset over a non-black using the term because I have used the word before.  Don't see the logic in me banishing someone else's use of it*

I was immediately enraged as I sat, unable to exit out of the video because I wanted to hear their logic behind why they hated the niggers that attend their school (Gainesville High School) and how they (ignorant blacks) don't know how to speak properly and how they abuse the welfare system, opting to drop out of high school to have babies only to collect a check.

What in the ENTIRE hell?! (*insert another four letter word beginning with 'f')

How ignorant does one have to be to one, record this shit THEN have the audacity to send it millions of people around the world via Youtube?!

Naturally, the Internets went wild, blacks and whites alike, because like me, they could not believe the amount of ignoramus in these two simple broads!

I have always been aware that racism is still prevalent today in 2012.  It doesn't seem like we'll ever really reach the dream Dr. King spoke about back in 1963.  I don't want to say that I've grown to accept it but for lack of a better term...

They just sound so young and immature and part of me wants to feel sorry for them but I can't get past the anger.

This is a video of the news clip regarding this video shortly after officials learned of what was happening.

What are your thoughts on this video?  What is your stance on welfare as a whole?  Do you think there are people (of any race/background) who abuse its help, growing comfortable in its security instead of using it as the intended stepping stone?

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