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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How "Bad" Are You?

Talk about brutal honesty!!

Since TT released this track last week, I've been playing it nonstop partly because she has a beautiful voice that oozes sexuality.  The other being that her words are ones that I wish were my own...in a sense.

The 19-20 year old Ball State student exudes the confidence that I sometimes wish I possessed.  She's telling this guy in the song, up front, that "the sex will be great between us but if you're looking for anything past that, I'm not your girl".
"I'll be a bad girl.  I'll prove it to you.  Can't promise that I'll be good to you 'cause I have some issues...I won't commit...no. Not havin' it..."
I joked with my friends, stating that she says the stuff that I want to say only if the prude within would let me be great (there are some things I feel should be kept off of social media and/or public conversations).

In this song, Thomas samples Trillville's "Some Cut" from way back when and manages to add some sexy to it, amidst her crooning about a one night stand (it definitely landed itself on a playlist, if you know what I mean...*wink*).

It got me to thinking what if everyone laid their cards out on the table as Thomas has done?  Would you confess to a guy that you'd turn him out as long as he understood that you weren't shit?  Would you respect a guy that admitted his flaws to you?  Would you settle for the bomb sex or hold out for what you deserve?

*check out more of Tiara Thomas' songs on her youtube page.  Follow her on Twitter @Tiara_Thomas*


  1. I saw this song on my homegirl's page and assumed that she was a friend of hers she was trying to promote. I didn't even realize this was the girl from Wale's "The Cloud." I love that joint! I love this track too.

    I think it's amazingly courageous of her to put herself out there like that. I applaud her. Most R&B is bitter or all buttered up. Love isn't perfect, but it isn't downright horrible either. Her song points to the reality that happens on the other side of the actual equilibrium of love or lack thereof. She puts it out there and tells it to him straight. I just wanna fuck. Girls are expected to want to make love all the time. That's a BOLD faced lie. Furthest thing from the truth.

    I applaud that.


  2. Yea, Tiara Thomas goes!! Can't wait for her mixtape.

    Her courageousness is what makes me love her music so. Like I said in the post, she says the things I wish I was bold enough to say out loud, let alone to my imaginary boo thang.

    Like you said Riv, all women aren't inclined to 'make love'. There are days when we'd rather not have all the emotional things that are tied with making love. Some days, we have our mannish moments where we just need to get off.

    I'm interested to know how guys would honestly react to a woman who was this honest about herself.