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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Reminisce Over You...

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You always get the best of my emotions.  Your smile is enough to send me back to the beginning just to replay our time spent together in slow motion.  A man of few words, your stare told me all I needed to know.
The feelings reciprocated...
I often entertain myself with the what ifs only to grow sad because you're no longer mine.

What if you were patient? 
What if I wasn't afraid? 
What if...?

Sweet memories set the tone for this pleasant mood that has me standing outside of Marvin's Room, trying to ignore the call from within.
As I reach for the door, I realize I enjoy the euphoric feeling I experience when daydreaming about our possibilities.
We're separated by hemispheres along with your new found love...
Me, I'm left with memories and empty pages to fill...
Sometimes, you're generous enough to let me in, telling me the secrets you have when it comes to me
& the future you imagined for us...

"...You should have let me know"

I want to go back and say the words we never said
Do the things we never did
Instead, we let silent cuddles occupy our time and though they were perfect then
I'm overflowing with words now

"It once was beautiful, but now I have no clue
What’s left of us?
Time that we shared, always growing slim..."

I'm learning to accept that our timing was off years later
We were granted a glimpse of what could still be...

"I could've made it better...you should've let me know..."

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