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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 1: #30in30

What better to way to grow as a writer than to, well, write? An hour ago, I was not sure if I wanted to participate in this month long challenge requiring me to write a blog post each day. Other than the fear of the challenge itself, I had no other reason. Then I thought, "Well, you did write something earlier. Just continue on tomorrow." Finally, I had convinced myself that I was doing nothing better with my time and bottom line, I need to get better so here I am writing my first entry.

Aliya S. King is a freelance writer and author whose accolades are far greater than the space I have to mention here. I've been following her on Twitter for a while now and I am happy that I did. For the past few weeks, I have been tuning in to her timeline every Wednesday at 8 p.m. where she gives her followers genuine writing advice. To be more specific, she answers the questions of eager writers/bloggers trying to break into the game. In a manner of speaking, that one hour can be viewed as the highlight of my week. Where else will I be able to get all this information literally handed to me and from a seasoned vet such as King! Honey hush!

This is the very reason I love social networking, Twitter especially. It allows us as fans to break through that wall between us and the people we admire. King is among many that interact with the followers/fans consistently and I thank her for it.

To make a seemingly long story short, at the end of her Q&A tonight, she mentioned how another writer challenged her to revive her blog. Her last post was a year ago. The deal she made with us was that if she got 10 to agree to take the challenge, so would she. Of course she received 10 @ replies in a matter of seconds.

I have never participated in a writing challenge before and I think I am excited about the next few weeks and what my fingers will type into this white, empty space by the end of each day. I do not expect an overnight miracle from this but to practice being concise in my delivery as well as focusing my subject matter.

This shall be fun.

[I want to end with some corny cliched saying like, "here goes nothing" but I'll refrain...]

Day one...

*check out King's first post here*

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