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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 5: Dreamchaser

*post for 8.5.2012*

Last night, I was catching up with a friend who I haven't seen in almost five years. As I was filling him in on the joys of completing my first freelance assignment and my 15 seconds of fame on Edge Magazine's website, he interrupted me saying, "I'm proud of you, E. I'm noticing the change in your attitude and I like it."

My face screwed up on it's own. Change in my attitude? Was it bad before?

"No. You've always had a great attitude about things. I'm saying that I see you're becoming more focused on your goals."

He's right. Since the eighth grade, I've known that I wanted to write on a professional scale. It took until my last two years of undergrad to understand that this wouldn't be an easy task. Over the years, I've used social mediums, like Twitter and the blogosphere, to connect with the millions who share my dream. I watch closely as people who have succeeded in this game share genuine advice in 140 characters or less. I've even requested from the prolific Erica "Rivaflowz" Buddington that she teach me everything she knows (I need to email her btw).

A month ago, I turned a year older. Prior to that, I have been in deep thought about the direction I want my life to take and the steps involved to getting me there. Of course, in my head, the plan is foolproof and everyone is happy but in real life, there is real work involved.

Each week for about a month or so, Britni Danielle has been sending "Morning Motivators" to her #GOALdiggers family, an extension of the "Wise Words" column she writes for Clutch Magazine. Her back story is what keeps me coming back for more of her writing. She was a teacher by day and a deadline defeating writer by night. One day, she quit her secure job at the school and started freelancing. Years later, she's solidified her place in this game and secured a top spot in my RSS Reader. Believing in her dreams encouraged her to step out on faith in order to make them a reality.

Today's #GOALdiggers post was about focus. This past weekend, she successfully learned how to ride a motorcycle. With three main goals in mind, Danielle accomplished her objective, despite the others in her class who quit after the first lesson. I'm familiar with that feeling and would love to experience it more times than not. Now is the perfect time for me to zone in on what it is I want and make the moves to GO get it.

Looking back, I have a lot of goal-oriented friends who are working relentlessly towards their dreams or living them. Three are working towards their Masters, one started medical school today and the other just got her MBA this past weekend (congrats again QB!). I love to hear their success stories as well as the disappointments because of the lessons embedded within. Slowly but surely, I'm coming into my own. There are times where I feel stagnant, like I'm not in the place I should be at this point in life. I'm learning that things happen in God's time and eventually, I will get there.

Timing is everything.

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