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Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 13: Halfway There

Not even at the halfway mark and I'm starting to feel like I'm burning out. This 30 day writing challenge is starting to become just that. In the beginning, it was all exciting because I felt this would be good for me as a writer and in many ways, it has. Each day, I racked my brain, anticipating what my next blog would be about. Then life got in the way. Split shifts at work prevented me from posting on time but I didn't let that stop me. I would sacrifice at least a few hours of sleep in order to have something up as soon as possible.

Thirteen days have passed and I have reached my sticking point. Don't take this to mean that I'll be giving up because I won't. I honestly like the challenge it has become for me because it is forcing me to venture out of the norm. In the past, I have always been scared to try something for fear of failing or being inadequate but as I sat on my couch August 1, 2012, I asked myself what did I have to lose. Just in these past two weeks, I've learned a totally different side to discipline.  I'm on deadline every single night and I really feel bad when I'm unable to post on time.

Choosing journalism as a career was a decision I made a few years ago while still in undergrad and since then, I have learned that this life is not always as glamorous as it appears to be. There will be many late nights and early mornings for me but because I enjoy this, I don't mind. While I was at work today, I kept thinking about how excited I was to come home and finish the story I started. I wake up in the morning and come straight to my makeshift office which doubles as my grandparents kitchen and sit until my eyes can't take it anymore. I can't even remember the last time I've watched television for real.

I appreciate those of you have been encouraging me throughout this challenge, offering up topics for me to write about as well as the few who make sure I've gotten something down before the night is over. Your continued love and support is greatly appreciated.

I've been contemplating whether or not I will stop posting on a daily basis after the challenge is over and for now, it's a no. Maybe I'll find a twist I can add to it because right now, the way we post are completely up to the writer. May have to pull out some old textbooks to get some ideas.

I'm thankful to Aliya King for presenting us with this challenge and I'm glad I was lurking scrolling through her timeline that night to even catch wind of it. I am eager to see how I will grow during this exercise and even after. These are the reasons I love Twitter because it connects millions of people in a way we would have never been able to connect before.

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