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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 22: Stumped

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Aliya King, the one responsible for this sweet torture I've been putting myself through for the past three weeks, encourages us to keep writing. With eight days left in this month long challenge, she understands that most of us have reached our sticking point. Still, she pushes us to keep going.

As I lurked perused through her timeline tonight during the one hour she dedicates to questions and answers, I saw a series of tweets that said "Keep writing." It was in response to a question a young lady posed, having obvious doubts about her skill level and if she'll be good enough. King simply told her, "Keep writing. That's the only way to get better."

I let her advice sink in. Those last seven words were my sole reason for participating in #30in30. Of all the extracurriculars I participated in since elementary school, I have never been more passionate about anything as much as I am about writing. But I understand that I must study my craft on a daily basis, as it changes with the same frequency, maybe even sooner. I must constantly be practicing what I love.

When I decided to participate, I did think briefly, "What happens when I run out of things to talk about?" but I quickly dismissed that as a fearful excuse; an attempt to psych myself out. I was strong and proceeded to draft what would be my first post. Like I said though, that was 22 days ago.

Now that I've reached this brick wall holding all the words I need to create hostage, I don't know what to do. Typically, I save what I was working on. I would shut down my laptop and walk away for a few hours. With this, I can't do that because the purpose is, of course, to blog daily (although you are able to double up if you miss one). I am trying to be as disciplined with this as my day job will allow me to.

Today, I drew a complete blank on what to blog about which is how I ended up here. Instead of succumbing to the pressure of there being nothing interesting write about, why not do what King says and keep writing? My eyes are beginning to cross and my fingers are typing on here what I see behind my closed lids.

Time for bed.

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