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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 6: Lost in Translation

Somewhere between then and now was a disconnect and for years, she has been trying to reattach the missing pieces. To blame daddy for not being around would be too easy. Nor would it be the whole truth. Genuine happiness is an emotion she wishes she could experience more. The length in between is too much. Life for her has become monotonous and she grows more irritable by the day. Maybe therapy will help but she doesn't really see the value in paying someone to listen while she unleashes her feelings.

Somewhere there was a disconnect. Unsure of where the low self-esteem stems from and even more confused as to how to overcome it. Vivid visions of how it should be play constantly in her mind but for some reason, she can't bring it to reality.

Somewhere along the lines, there was a disconnect. Failed relationships throughout the years, none of which were hers, taught her about marriage and commitment, possibly scaring her to the point of non-belief. The idea itself is beautiful but seemingly unattainable in this life. She's even more afraid of not getting the chance to experience that unbridled love. Everyone is so guarded these days, potential hurt paralyzing them in the face of vulnerability. She can relate though. No one likes getting their feelings hurt.

Where does she begin? What are the steps? How does she fix it?

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